The Nonexistent Existing House no. 202

In the city of Liège, in Belgium, there is a peculiar house. Or rather, was. When I happened to walk past it on a sunny and warm April's day, it caught my interest and I photographed it. A lady came out of the house next to it and wondered why I was taking photos of it. I must have told her that I find the house very interesting indeed. She then recounted the story behind it, but I cannot really remember anything. Who says I am supposed to understand Belgian French, anyway? The curious thing is that it was only a facade. There was nothing there. A peek through the keyhole, and you would only see trash.

Accordingly, life is sometimes quite similar. People trying to hide the emptiness behind these lugubrious facades of theirs, not giving you anything, not able to confide in anyone. It is a shame, really. What is there to lose, what is everyone afraid of? Do not hide, be courageous.
Looks are deceiving. (Also sung in the song She Moves in Her Own Way by the Kooks, haha.)
This is the song I listened to back then, oh, the feelings that go with it. They are quite timely now, as well.

Ce petit coeur qui ne bat pour personne
Ce petit coeur qui ne bat que pour lui


Ce petit cœur qui passe tout son temps
A s'écouter et à se regarder


Carys said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love the two of the same scene, with different focus.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Junaluska said...

Oh, that is intriguing. I love abandoned, dilapidated houses.

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