I have been obsessed with hair for the past year. I've tried growing my hair for almost two years now, but for some reason my hair seems to be stuck at a certain length.

Then I became desperate and wanted something like this (and still want, but only after I've had long hair for a few years (click on the photo for source!):
Or even this:

But I've decided that I can't cut my hair, because it would take me about five years to reach this:

I'm so frustrated with my hair!!!

I'm anxiously waiting for the day when I can do this with my hair:
Please, hair, won't you just grow a couple of inches?! A couple of days ago I found proof that my hair used to be rather long:
For some reason my boyfriend wanted me to send his greetings, no idea why, but anyway, greetings from him and good night on my part! :D

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Ines Hunt said...

Your hair is lovely though! I have grown my hair for a really long time, it took me about 2 years to go from houlder lenght to above the breast though. And everytime I cut my hair that's the lenght I go for, and then it grows back to mermaid/alanis morisette lenght in about 6 months/ one year. It is a long wait, and it is hard to maintain, but it's worth it!
Also, regards back to the boyfriend haha

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