Flea markets are the best places to go shopping. One can, for example, find vintage winter coats for 6 euro. Isn't it rather pretty? I especially love the shade of blue. The collar is missing a few clasps, and the lining has to be repaired and so forth, but I think this was a bargain. It's just a shame that without a belt the coat looks more like a tent than a coat, but well, you can't have everything, can you?

(And 'cause I'm very bad at choosing and I should start writing an essay, I'm just gonna post a bunch of photos, sorry that they're all so similar to each other!)
Here I'm trying to illustrate what the collar is supposed to be like...
Just to compare, here I'm wearing it with my grannie's old hat, and I think they're a good match.

Have a good Saturday!


anni said...

Oijoi nätti takki ^_^ Just hyvä sininen, miulloli joskus trenssi samaa sävyä!

Frankie Savage said...

Kattelin kuvia ja mietin, että hitto vie minähän tunnen tuon :D
Ihania kuvia, todella kauniita!

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