One of the things I like best at our home is my rocking chair. I found the most suitable companion for it some time ago, a wonderful, wonderful grandfather clock. Don't you think they would look nice together?! Alas, the clock costs as much as my monthly food budget is...
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I already planned that I would name the clock Martta, as the rocking chair's name is Hertta. :D :D They would be a perfect match!!


minna said...

oh, such a lovely rocking chair! I am certain that a rocking chair is one thing that will be essential to my future home.

Ines Hunt said...

I love that you have naed the clock and the chair. No wonder though, they are both gorgeous! And your house is lovely as well!

elle s'ennuie said...

Noooo! I'm sure you can go one month without eating if you can instead spend time rocking in the chair and staring at that clock, no?? :D

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