On the Way

Today I think I have glimpsed at what people call "seeing light at the end of the tunnel". For almost one and a half years now, my life has not been much more than a miserable fog. Many drastic and sad changes have taken place and it has only seemed that there are always more nasty things awaiting... Of course there are things to be happy about as well, and I have enjoyed a great many things with lovely people, but if in general everything goes downhill for you, it's really hard to change your mood on your own. Today when someone else (who only knows about half of the bad stuff) said that I've gone through some pretty hard times of late (or the 1½ years), which has not really been acknowledged by some, it felt good. Or, to say more accurately, I feel entitled to have felt angry, bad and sad and miserable. 

Now that there's no university stress (thank God or Santa Claus or whoever for the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!) I think there might be a possibility to become the happy and exburant person I was in the autumn of 2011 and in the spring of 2012. I know I can't get those times back, but I will always have the memories, and I can be happy of the best experiences of my life. 

I only wish people didn't judge some people "too negative" to spend time with without really asking themselves whether the negative person is actually OK, or say that their worries are nothing. How do they know?

I do think I might be on the way back to happiness.


anni said...

<3 <3 :)

elle s'ennuie said...

I'm sorry you've been having difficult times. (I'm definitely familiar with the miserable fog... It's really hard to claw your way out of it when bad stuff just keeps piling on. But glad to hear you're on your way to feeling better now, here's to a new, happy year :)
Hope you're having a lovely, peaceful Christmas time!

Anniina said...

anni: :---) <3

elle s'ennuie: Thank you. I wish you the same, and I hope the difficult times are behind us. :)

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