Hello! Here are some photos from my trip to Tallinn. It was a lovely trip, firstly because we had so much fun with my brother and secondly because I had only been to Tallinn once when I was 10 years old or something. 

It was wonderful to notice that I didn't have to speak any English! And no, I didn't speak Finnish either (unless someone spoke it to me first). I MANAGED BY MY CRAPPY ESTONIAN SKILLS! Me käisime Boheemis söömas ja see oli väga tore! Käisime ka Teletornis, see oli huvitav. Ma oskan ainult natuke eesti keelt, aga tahan rohkem õppida. Minu vend Akseli töötab Rahvusooperis ja tema kolleegid olid sõbralikud.

I didn't really do any shopping because I think it's stupid to go shopping for shopping's sake just because you're abroad, but I did buy some yarn and fabric. Those chain stores with their unethical and poor quality clothes do not appeal to me that much anymore, and I would rather sew my clothes myself. I just wonder why some people consider shopping as a good hobby? There's just enough stuff on this planet, don't you think? /rant

Anyway, no pictures of outfits or anything, somehow we didn't end up taking photos of each other. Interesting buildings instead! :D

Morning lights.

I do like those red roofs!

I was inspired by all the lovely shadows.

Akseli and I got pedicures! Just look at my lovely toes, haha.pedikyyri!
I found Institut Français and there were really nice pictures on the walls of the passageway to the Institute. Maybe the Eiffel Tower and some roses would be a tattoo idea... And hey, I also found a magic lamp graffiti!!
This funny guy was posing better than those gals on ANTM! It was at the same place on Saturday and Monday!

Hope to see you soon, Tallinn!


elle s'ennuie said...

Lovely photos :) Rõõm kuulda, et sulle Tallinnas meeldis :D

I live near a big shopping centre, so I often do my food-shopping there, and it's crazy how crowded the whole place is in the weekends before Christmas. The stores are full of women and the benches in front of the stores are full of tired- and bored-looking men.. Add a whiny toddler here and a crying baby there, and you have a modern family idyll. :P

Anniina said...

Aitäh! Haha, I do hate going shopping when it's crowded. :D

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