Pink and glitter, that's how we roll.

I bought some fabric, this and a stripey one. I'm really in need of camisoles and tops and stuff to wear under sweaters, that's what I'm gonna do as soon as I get a ballpoint needle! 
Today is sort of our two-year anniversary. I say sort of, because there's no exact date... But a few important ones that I do remember. So yay for that, even though we're not doing anything special just today. Too many assignments...
I have to say I'm disappointed with this winter. The sun has again disappeared, and the snow is melting... Grey, grey, grey. These photos were taken a month ago or something, when we had the best kind of winter: trees covered in snow and lots of sun!

I wish I blogged more often, but I'm constantly buried in all kinds of assignments. Furthermore, I don't really know what to blog about. I feel that everything would have to be somehow significant or utterly interesting or something, but that's not how life always goes. And I think my camera is about to die as well which is quite depressing. 

P.S. I almost forgot to tell that I'm going on a holiday with my dad and one of my brothers! 
:--) Yippee!

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