Pinterest inspiration!

For many years Pinterest was not in the least appealing to me, whereas I've had a tumblr blog for quite some time. But I've come to notice that it's a great place for inspiration, regardless of your subject of interest. Surely these photos and illustrations can be found on other websites as well. Here are some of my favourite pins and likes to give you inspiration or amuse you. (Click on the photo to find it on Pinterest, and the source that was marked to be the original one on Pinterest can be found under the photos)

Strawberry-Mint infused water: perfect for summer!
This is too good not to re-pin. agreed..hahah.
3. This is by far my favourite thing ever, but I'm really not sure where it's originally from. Can be found on 9gag and Tumblr for sure. I love Leonardo DiCaprio! :D
Anna Karina
cat eyes
water color
Emerson Fry by Caitlin McGauley
Gibson Girl Evelyn Nesbit |

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MartaCanga said...

Hey I really liked this post, I love the first picture and the one with the leopard coat! I'll keep on checking your blog!

Anniina said...

That's so nice to hear! :)

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