Hairdo Challenge, part II: French Twist

Oh no, I'm lagging behind with this! There have been a couple of unsuccessful attempts (with a low criss cross chignon, never again) that I haven't of course photographed. 

Today I started with this, but I wasn't able to make it look good, and decided to try a French twist, with a roll. I'm quite satisfied with it! It isn't perfect nor is it sleek, but I think it was a good first attempt, anyway!

It is a bit messy and frizzy. And yes, I could have hidden the pins a bit better, but I wasn't too interested. :D


You can top it off with a scarf!
There are a bunch of how to's on the internet - just try and search for French twist and you'll find the right directions for you!


Frankie Savage said...

It looks beautiful!

Lucy Mitchell said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog award.
Come check it out on my blog:

Jenny von Olofsson said...

That look really good! I like the more frizzy/relaxed style. It suites you really well!

Anniina said...

Frankie Savage: Thanks! I was quite satisfied with it. :)

Lucy Mitchell: Thanks! I've already started answering some of the questions. :)

Jenny von Olofsson: Oh, thank you. :) I'll definitely try it again!

Julia said...

wow the hairdo is so amazing.. i wish i could do something like this :) !


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