Liebster award (for the umpteenth time! :D)

So, I have received the Liebster award! I've probably done it a few times already, but as I love answering to these types of questions, here we go again. Thanks, Lucy! All the photos are totally random and irrelevant to the topic.

1. What is your favourite colour?
I think I would need to say red, but I can't really choose, because I also love mint green and many other colours! Yellow, for example.

Elina on a fine summer morning.

2. What fashion trend do you love the most?
Actually, I don't even know what the trends are at the moment! Umm... Well, I don't know how in or out peplum tops are, but I think they are very pretty. 

3. Describe your perfect day?
I would wake up to a sunny summer day, at the countryside/at the sea/at my childhood home. My family or some friends would be there, and we'd just enjoy each others' company, go swimming and stuff. 


4. What is your favourite shoe type?
I have just recently realised how comfortable flat shoes are compared to high heels! 

5. If you could make one fashion trend disappear, what would it be?
I'm still not too aware of the current trends... Oh, now I know! I'm not the biggest fan of the half bun hairstyle - I think it only suits few people.

6. What is your favourite season?
There something very special about spring. The smell of spring is heavenly, and I adore the evenings that are getting brighter and brighter. It's a season full of hope! 


7. What is your biggest dream?
Ultimately, just to be happy. Also, I would love to live abroad again for some time. 


8. What is one of your favourite fashion blogs?
Daydreams, Dresses and Desserts is one of my favourites. 

9. What is your all time favourite movie?
I'm very bad at choosing all time favourites. Into the Wild, or the Intouchables, or Brokeback Mountain, or Bringing Up Baby, or Fanny & Alexander... Yeah. 


10. Who is your favourite actress?
Kate Winslet or Audrey Tautou. 

11. What is your favourite food? 
Haha, when it comes to food it's even more difficult to choose favourites, but I'll only state three this time: lasagne, Mimolette cheese and avocados. 

I'm terribly sorry but I'm too lazy to nominate anyone, because I really don't know who to nominate, and coming up with new questions would take forever! But if you wanna do this just answer the same questions or something.

Good night!

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