Bonjour, Paris

A dream that I thought would not come true will happen on Monday! We're going to Paris. :--)  It's been three years since I left France...

Anyway, I'm so happy about this! It's hard to plan what to do, because we will only be there for four days, which is definitely too short a time. Even if I lived right next to Paris for quite a long time, there are too many places that I didn't have a chance to discover. And of course I want to see some of my favourite places, like Shakespeare & Company and go to my favourite vintage shop! If it still exists...

I've been looking at pictures of Paris and I think I need to watch some films, too. I can't wait to be there! I wanna eat all those delicious French pastries, baguettes, croissants... And CHEESE! I love cheese. I love French cheese. I love Paris!
- Concept art for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Eating a croissant & sipping a café au lait and dreamily gaze at the Eiffel Tower with Ratatouille by my side:)

The Aristocats (Paris)

Paris by Paul Imrie - cool cityscape project, using line variation, and simple perspective.

Célébrer Paris, 2014. Alain Le Quernec, designer graphique, affichiste, France
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