Summertime Sadness

Grey days are not my cup of tea. They wear me out basically from the start. It's okay when it rains or storms, I quite like that, but a plain grey sky is utterly disappointing. It doesn't make me angry, but totally numb! How I hate this feeling. Well, to be fair, grey days are sometimes okay, if you have an active day, you see somebody and have things to do: but, for example, today I woke up, opened my laptop and have not done anything even remotely interesting or meaningful. Well, I ate five doughnuts... 

On these kinds of days I realise how much I like company. Of course it's nice to spend some time alone sometimes, but I'd just rather have people around me. I feel most comfortable when I'm surrounded by a crowd of familiar people. I wish I at least had animals to keep me company! I want people, I want a family! Or more specifically, my scattered-all-over-Finland-family. 

Now that I don't have any more courses it's really hard to figure out what to do. It's great not having to write tons of essays, but I have to have something meaningful to do and people to talk to or I'll go crazy! 

I've actually been very happy this spring, but the end of the academic year scares me. Last year I felt completely useless and impassive, and I don't want to experience that again. Maybe it's some kind of a summertime sadness. Or to be honest, it's still spring here.

The other day I was taking test photos in the woods, when these two fellows appeared. They were chasing each other, climbing trees and just running around. They were quite shy, but I still managed to get decent photos with a fixed lens! Which means that they came rather close to me, actually. They were just so cute.

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