Blog Crisis (and Paris photos!)

Hi! So I've been a lazy blogger. My camera doesn't really function, which makes everything difficult. Also, I don't know whether I should write in English or in Finnish, because I'm not sure I have readers anymore. :D It somehow seems that blogging is not so 'in' anymore, maybe everyone's on Instagram or something. I would have wanted to blog more actively, but currently I'm renewing my wardrobe and don't have a lot to wear. Not that I want that much, but for a couple of years most of my clothes didn't fit me or were somehow wrong for me stylewise. I actually thought that it would be fun to document the process of recreating my style and wardrobe. I want something classic, vintagesque and maybe even minimalistic. But would a new blog be in order then? Project Wardrobe or something... I haven't been very active on the photography front either, mainly because I don't have models! :D

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know this. I have no idea when I'll get a new camera, but there are some photos that I'm gonna post someday. We'll see what happens!

And then! Some photos from our Paris trip, because that's when the camera luckily still worked!

I did see some new places, but of course we had to go to some of my favourite places as well. Let's start with a familiar one: this was the view from the hallway bathroom window.

And at night!
And the view from Laura's apartment at dusk.
It rained quite a lot, but luckily not when we went to Montmartre.
The National Museum of Natural History was intriguing!
You just gotta take a selfie at Versailles...
Thanks to Matias, Sanni and both of the Lauras for a lovely Paris trip!


elle s'ennuie said...

I read here! (Actually, I read the post soon after you made it, but I didn't have time to comment at the time, and then it took me a week to come back and comment.. I am a very skilled procrastinator!) I'd definitely be interested in reading about your wardrobe renewal process, and I don't think the topic needs a new blog necessarily. Writing about it in English might reach more readers interested in the topic... I have a bunch of minimalist/small wardrobe blogs listed here.

Also, fingers crossed that the camera situation resolves soon:)

sanni said...

miksi oon missannu tän!
voi ihanuus<3

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