Scotland, Here We Come!

So! We just booked our tickets to Scotland. We're going to Stirling in November to see a friend, and will spend most of our time there, but we will also spend a couple of days in London. It's been four years since my last visit! (So, definitely more than the three years I declared it wouldn't take. :D) 

I do not know London like I know Paris, so tips are definitely needed! Although I do know some stores I'm gonna go check... And also, if you've been to Scotland it'd be nice to get some tips as well, what to see and stuff. I don't think we'll be going very far from Stirling, we're kind of on a budget, but anything on a 50 km radius should be fine. 

These are just random snaps from my last trip!

Our Paris trip was kind of hectic, so it's nice to be spending a week in Scotland, in no hurry to do anything. I feel real lucky to be going abroad for the fourth time this year! That never happens. Tenerife, Paris, Tallinn and now the UK. But I also feel bad about my carbon footprint. Luckily there are many other choices that I can make to reduce my overall carbon footprint. And I can't help think that those planes would fly whether I was on board or not, which probably isn't the smartest thought. But travelling is one of the best things you can do and I don't want to feel too bad about it, because I already think about this save-the-earth-stuff everyday. I'd like to know how you feel about flying and how do you tell yourself it's ok to travel? Do you think it's hypocritical to be aware of the problems of air travel and still do it? I think it's important to think about the effects of travelling on the environment! So I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. Now it's high time to go to bed. I wish to dream about the trip, anyway! Good night!


Laura said...

Varoituksen sana: Stirlingin linna on jotain aivan hirveää! Ylihintainen nähtävyys, joka näyttää 6-vuotiaiden entisöimältä. Mutta hienoja rauniolinnojahan Skotlannista löytyy, lähellä mm. aavemainen Linlithgow'n palatsi. Off-peak-junalipuilla vaan Edinburghiin!
Edinburghissa järjestetään muuten sunnuntaisin jättimäinen car boot sale -kirppis parkkihallissa, John Lewis -tavarataloa vastapäätä, elokuvateatterin vieressä, sillä kadulla joka muuttuu Leith Walkiksi. Suosittelen!

elle s'ennuie said...

I'm very jealous about Scotland:) Though will you need a visa if they decide in favour of independence today? ;D
I've only ever been on a plane two times in my life, so that's not an issue I've had to consider. But then most of my clothes do come to me by way of airtravel, so there's that... I think you do what you can, and don't beat yourself up about what you can't.

Nella Fragola said...

I am so jealous because we just came back from Scotland and it was amazing!
I hope you'll enjoy your say there!

Anniina said...


Hyvä tietää! Kuulostaa kivalta, täytyy katsoa mitä matkakumppanini suostuvat tekemään. :D

elle s'ennuie: :) Heh, well it seems they didn't become independent after all! I sometimes think about ordering vintage clothes from abroad, but I actually hardly ever do it so I think once a year is ok...

Nella Fragola: Thanks! Oh, I'm sure it's a great place and I'm real happy to be going there! :)

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