Vintage Batwoman!

So, I was invited to a Halloween party, but did not really have time to think of a costume. I was browsing  on Pinterest and found this picture of Vera Ellen and decided that I want to wear a bat cape (because I didn't have the time or knowledge to make this awesome egg costume! I love it to pieces. I will make an egg costume one day.). Halloween isn't really celebrated in Finland, and as this was one of the few Halloween parties I have ever been invited to, I had to wear something. As I'm rather impatient, I just improvised and didn't take any measures or anything... But I don't recommend my way to anyone! :D



This is the most perfect red, ah.

Considering that I didn't really have any time to prepare my costume, I'm very satisfied with it!

This is how the cape looks like when I don't spread my arms. Could I somehow integrate it into my wardrobe? The fabric cost me money, I don't want to only wear it once a year! :D

About to fly!


Hope you had a nice Halloween, whether you celebrated it or not!


Akseli Väisänen said...

Tää on kyllä mahtava asu! Mutta missä 70-luvun ansu-kuva on :D? Voisit käyttää tätä asua vaikka arkenakin ;)

Harlow Darling said...

That cape is beautiful - you could definitely integrate it into your wardrobe! I love your red velvet dress too, and how magical everything looks in the evening light :)

Anniina said...

Aksu: Kiitos! Heh, jossain mistä kukaan ei löydä sitä... ;)

Thanks! :) The dress was a great find! I'll have to come up with more outfits with the cape!

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