My Vintage Furniture "Collection"

We finally have a TV-stand! Well, it's not a modern TV-stand from IKEA, but this little old dresser (or is it a (chest of) drawer(s), I wasn't really able to understand the English terms. :D) Anyway, I don't like the modern TV-stands, because they are so big and chunky, and you can't vacuum under them!


I don't mind the scratches that much, but I think I might varnish the dresser some day.

The converter box is hidden! Not that we need it much, only if I want to record a show.

I also have an amazing antique bureau. Okay, well I'm not an expert and I'm not sure whether I should use the word antique or vintage, but you know, old furniture in any case!


And the rocking chair. :)


I really enjoy buying my furniture vintage, because some of those IKEA pieces don't really have a soul. Although I wouldn't mind owning the Ekenäset chair. It's lovely!

I originally hung these pom poms for our house warming party, but I quite like them, I have no reason to take them down!

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