A New Dress

I've finished sewing a new dress! I bought the fabric in 2013, and sort of started the project last summer, and now the dress is finally ready. When I sew, I usually pick the pattern from one of my two 50s sewing magazines. The only thing that bothers me about the patterns is that they usually are not my size, and I have to make adjustments, which can be difficult!

I thought this was my first floral dress, but I actually do have one 60s floral dress. It looks like a maternity dress, which is why I don't really wear it often!



You sometimes need a parasol in Finland! Not that often this year, though...

I'm wearing the dress without a petticoat, mine is rather modest anyway. I need a big, puffy, fluffy petticoat! (And another pair of sandals in addition to the Swedish Hasbeens!)


CiCi Marie said...

Super pretty dress - and parasol, for that matter! My tip for a petticoat for summer if you don't want all the fluffy bulk and still want sticky-outiness is the Pin-up Girl canvas underskirt. I've just invested and love it so much I want to tell the world about it! They're not even paying me!

sanni said...

oih ihanat kukkaisneitokuvat!

Anniina said...

CiCi Marie: Thank you! I really loved the fabric when I first saw it, so I'm glad I've finally finished the dress. Hmm, I'm gonna have to find out more about that underskirt, I'm intrigued!

sanni: Hihih kiitos!

Jessica Cangiano said...

And what a splendidly pretty dress it is! The parasol compliments this elegant, sweetly lovely summertime frock so marvelously.

♥ Jessica

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